e-Management of Events – Seminars, Conferences, Workshops…

Yes, this is something different from Event Management !
In broader sense we can say when Event Management is the “Hardware Part” , the eMangement of event is the “Software Part”.
What eMangement of event is all about :
1. Generation of the list of Targeted Delegates.
2. Communication with Targeted Delegates & building the list of attending delegates
3. Incorporating Feedback given by the Delegates in Digital form & further analysis.
4. Keeping in touch with Delegates after the event.
You, as organizer, can outsource either or all of above parts.
Here is how we can help you. Lets go starting from point 4 to point 1 i.e. in reverse order as later steps are often not accomplished effectively by the Traditional Event Manager or Organizer themselves !
4.  Keeping in touch with Delegates after the event is the most important. The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity)  also applies here so, it is most important to find out those ‘Important’ Delegates. They can be Commercially important or Important otherwise like holding the power position or so. So it is important to communicate with the Delegates after the events considering their importance. One way to get in touch with is by sending the access details for the event presentation by speakers.  It has two benefits 1. Delegates get access to the presentation which enhances the purpose of Event. 2. Speakers has benefit of spreading their message.
Also link of the Photographs & Videos of the Event can be sent to the Delegates. This way constant communication with Delegates is maintained.  Also, the delegate giving the best feedback can be rewarded with some Gift. One more way is to communicate with forthcoming similar events the Delegate may be interested in. These can be Event from same Organizer or other Organizer under vice versa arrangement.
3. Feedback of Delegates in paper form is of no use! It must be Digitized with a plan to identify the ‘Important’ Delegates.  Analysis of feedback can be used to plan the change in future events & feedback can be extended to speakers & presenters of the event.
2. It is often seen, especially in larger events the name of the Delegate is not updated,  in the list with the organizer, even after due confirmation by Delegate.  Such creates the chaos & creates bad image for the organizer. One suggestion is to give unique confirmation number while confirming the Delegate. This is Unique Id of the database created at step 2, so Delegate is just asked the Unique Id! This Id is sent to them (through email or SMS) at the time of confirmation. This saves substantial timing & gives positive impression. It is also suggested to send the ‘soft’ email communication to the Delegate whose registration is declined for any specific reason.
1. Depending upon the purpose of the event we should identify the targeted Delegates & communicate effectively with them. We use any list of prospective delegates you have along with the researched the targeted Delegates (depending on your criteria). Our Research experience of over decade & our presence in Indian as well as International social media will help in identifying the targeted Delegates.
Also,  We have the list of the available options for the selection of the Venue so we can help you through.
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